My day job as a self employed photographer, like so many other people, has been put on hold during the Coronavirus Lockdown. I am unable to work, and have been missing taking photos as well as the social interaction, which was really beginning to get me down.

After a few weeks of tearing my hair out over homeschooling and despairing that I was losing my own identity in the process, I finally came up with a way of using this time productively.

I thought it would be a lovely way to document this strange time in our lives by offering Doorstep Family Portraits and encouraging charity donations by way of payment, while doing my daily walks around beautiful Hertford each day. I've had an overwhelming response to this on social media and have raised (at time of writing) over £1400 for the East And North Hertfordshire NHS Trust Charitable Fund! Hopefully I'm not done yet!

I have met families with new babies who haven't met any of their relatives yet; Keyworkers who are working tirelessly in the community to keep everyone safe or fed; Families who are separated by the lockdown. We're all just trying to get along as best we can. Thank goodness the sun has been shining for most of it!

Anyone who would like to donate can do so here